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How long does PMU last?

Skin type, lifestyle, medications, sun exposure are all things that can affect the longevity of your Permanent Makeup.

On average, Nanobrow can last 3-5 years, however in order to prevent fading (and keep your color looking rich) an annual color boost is highly recommended.

Lip Blushing results last anywhere from 18mo-3yrs and an annual color boost is recommended and will prevent unwanted fading.

Scalp Micropigmentation can last 3-5yrs or longer years depending on your skin type and lifestyle. However, annual color boosts can be done to ensure even coverage and prevent unwanted fading.

What is trending right now?

Masks are in.. and so are great brows.  Your eyebrows frame your face and are the one thing that people struggle with the most. Alopecia, medications, chemotherapy, hormones, overplucking and menopause are just some of the reasons we ‘lose’ our brows.

Combination Brows (Nanobrow) will leave you with a natural yet defined brow.  Natural, hair-like strokes paired with a powdered effect allow for the perfect definition and shape.

Lip Blushing is the biggest growing trend in the beauty industry.  Sun Damage, Lip Fillers, and ageing are all things that may cause the outline of our lips to fade and blur.  Luxury Lip Blushing implants pigment back into the faded lips to gently ‘blush’ and give definition and youthfulness back to the lips.

Is Nanobrow the same as Microblading?

Microblading was created in the early 70’s and is done with a handheld manual tool with a small rigid blade consisting of 10-15 microneedles. An incision (or scrape) is made in the skin and semi-permanent pigment is absorbed creating strokes to mimic hair. Scarring and unwanted blurring are very common side effects, especially if your technician is inexperienced.

Fast Forward 25 years and with new technologies and a digital machine, NanoBrow is taking the place of microblading. NanoBrow (Combination Brow, Powdered Brow) is done with the smallest, most flexible and precise needle cartridge in the industry, similar to that of a tattoo needle. Definition and precision are achieved by ‘dotting or dragging’ fine hair-like strokes into the skin. The needle is dipped into the pigment and the vibration pulls the pigment into the cartridge, then dispenses it gradually down the needle and penetrates into the skin.

Nano Brow is a more permanent option than microblading as it lasts up to 5 years, whereas microblading is more of a superficial enhancement and lasts 1-3 years.  All skin types are different and results vary.  Annual color boosts are recommended to prevent unwanted fading.

What will happen to my natural hair?

Your PMU artist will always try and work with your natural brow shape and hair as much as possible which means a more natural result and less maintenance for you to keep on top of. You will have to occasionally pluck / wax around the brow shape but this is very easy to do now that you have your new defined brow shape to follow.

Does it hurt?

A topical numbing cream is used during all procedures to keep you comfortable during your procedure.  Most people describe the feeling as a tickle or scratch.  Your PMU artist will work with you to ensure your utmost comfort during your procedure.

Is PMU the same as tattoo?

Permanent Makeup is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin using a micro pigment and PMU machine designed for delicate skin on the face.  Results will fade over time as cellular turnover occurs naturally. A traditional tattoo machine implants pigment deeper and uses needle cartridges designed for tougher skin. Yes, permanent makeup is considered a tattoo, however, results are semi-permanent as pigment and results fade over time.

Can you tell me more about Areola tattoo?

Areola tattoo is the final step in your reconstructive journey.  At your appointment, a desired shape and custom color will be chosen to best suit your needs.  Pictures of your areola pre-surgery can be helpful to recreate what was once there, or a brand new design might be preferred.  It’s important for you to feel comfortable at your appointment so a good meal, hydration, & comfortable clothes are recommended before arriving.  The entire process takes approximately 2 hours. Aftercare instructions will be provided and a touchup is recommended after 3-5 years to keep the color from fading.

Why might I need more than one treatment?

The number of treatments required is determined by the nature and size of the targeted area, the individual’s response to the treatment, and other external factors. The mineral pigment used may fade over time, so some touchups may be required. Each treatment lasts roughly 1 to 5 years.

How is pigmentation applied?

The pigment is colour-matched to your skin around the affected area and is applied using a tattoo gun designed for delicate skin.

What is SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP has quickly become one of the most popular hair loss treatments on the market today. It is a safe, permanent solution to a problem that is extremely stressful and sometimes upsetting. The development of Scalp Micropigmentation technology has changed the face of hair loss treatments, and thousands of people are ready to get their procedure underway. SMP creates the illusion of hair growth along the scalp. As it uses a fine, thin needle to deposit pigment in the skin, many people consider SMP to be similar to getting a tattoo.

I have age spots that appear lighter in colour. Am I a candidate for micropigmentation?

Yes! Micropigmentation can treat age spots, or issues that involve lighter or darker marking on the skin (areas that are hypopigmented or hyperpigmented).

Do you treat old scars?

Yes! Scars that have been fully healed and are 6 to 12 months+ old allow us to better match pigmentation and break down the scar tissue to also match skin texture.

I have a scar which is the same colour as my skin. Is there anything to help reduce the appearance of its texture?

Yes! We have a procedure called Dry Needling. No pigment is used in this procedure. A medical grade solution is used while Dry Needling the area which smooths out the raised skin.

Do you treat acne scars?

Yes, we can treat individuals for acne scarring using a medical grade Micro Needling Pen.

I have burn scars I want to conceal. Can micropigmentation help?

Yes. Micropigmentation can help smooth out the scar tissue, as well as conceal the scars with pigment that matches your skin tone.

Are consultations and treatments confidential?

Absolutely. All consultations are private and discrete. Clients are treated on an individual basis and we respect your privacy at all times. Virtual consultations are free (Pictures or video). In person consultations with patch test are $45.

I’m embarrassed about my condition and nervous about the treatments. How do I know if I’m ready?

We understand how you might be feeling. Each of us are on our own journey in life and every person has a different story to tell. We treat you like a person first, and then we treat the problem. We’d be glad to answer any questions you might have. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and see if micropigmentation is right for you.