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Unilateral 3D Areola $350.00

Bilateral 3D Areola $600.00

Touchup Within 3 Years: $149.00

(All Prices + HST)

3D Areola Tattoo is for the person who has undergone removal of Cancer from their body. If you’ve undergone surgery, chemotherapy, hair loss, etc., more than likely you are one of the strong men/women who are resilient, and much stronger than you ever imagined.  However, going through all this struggle can leave you feeling like you need to start repairing and rebuilding what Cancer has taken away, including self esteem and body image. 

After you’ve had reconstructive breast surgery with the nipple and areola having been removed, patients may tend to focus on the scars left behind.  Naturally, the focal point for the eye is the Areola/nipple and finding an artist that specializes in creating and executing the most defining part of your breast is key.  

It is my joy to help patients regain confidence after their reconstructive surgeon has completed their surgery and released them to avail of this service. This is usually the final step in the journey to complete breast reconstruction. This treatment is a form of Micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattoo. 3D Areola tattoos use shadows and highlights to create texture, instead of using tissue to rebuild a nipple. This technique restores a sense of depth and detail to the reconstructed breast.

For this type of tattoo, you probably will NOT need more than one session as 3D tattoos are permanent, just like any other tattoo, and they usually don’t fade away but can be touched up every 3-5 years to keep the color looking rich.  3D nipple tattooing can be used to create new nipples and to color-correct previous nipple tattoos that have faded over time. Usually, the reconstructed breast doesn’t have the same sensation as before surgery, therefore tattooing is much less painful than regular tattooing.

If you are someone that still loves your pre-mastectomy nipples, they can be recreated. You just have to bring along a pre-mastectomy photo. Otherwise, a color will be chosen and a desired shape (brown, light pink, smaller, larger, etc.) and this is your time to get it exactly however you’d like! As your technician, I will be asking questions and helping you decide what is going to look best.

On the day of your procedure, it’s important for you to feel comfortable and relaxed.  A good meal, hydration, exercise and comfortable clothes can all be helpful.  Iit is advised for you to wear a loose-fitting sports bra and a 2 piece outfit so you can easily take your top off to get the tattoo. You will be provided a disposable robe at the studio, but you might be more comfortable with your leggings or loose fitting pants and a button down shirt. 

After your procedure, you will be provided with aftercare instructions and extra coverings for your tattoo.  After 6-8 weeks of healing if a touchup is needed, you can contact the studio to set up an appointment.


If you are wanting to see samples of past work please get in touch.