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Free radiation marker (tattoo) removal for cancer patients.

Cancer patients undergoing radiation treatments are usually “marked” with 2-3 small tattoo marks on the skin. The marking ensures that the radiation therapist positions the radiotherapy machine in the exact same location each time. The skin marks are permanent unless removed after all treatments are performed.


Oilean uses micro-pigmentation with tattoo ink to hide the radiation marker with the most advanced, medical-grade permanent makeup machine by Artliner™ Using the finest nanoneedle cartridges in the industry, the Radiation Marker Tattoo Removal technique turns the markers into freckles, allowing you to move forward and complete your healing process!

Application Technique

A topical numbing cream is applied which will take approximately 20 minutes to take effect. Then, the specialist will delicately turn the marker into a freckle with the treatment taking approximately 30 minutes from start to finish.

There is no downtime, however, it will take about two weeks to fully heal. The freckle may appear darker than you are used to for a few days, then will lighten into the desired color within two weeks, fading 20-40%. Please follow after-care instructions.

You may experience peeling (typically noticeable only up close) and fading of the freckle. This is natural and part of the treatment process.

Your freckle will last for up to 5 years, depending on individual circumstances (e.g. skin type, thickness and depth of color chosen, and lifestyle), and will fade gradually and naturally.


Avoid water in the treatment area for 24 hours. Do not pick at the freckle when the color starts to peel. For best color retention, please avoid the following for one week after treatment: sun exposure, saunas, and excessive sweating. Avoid the following for two weeks: swimming, sweating, and facials.